SHOWTIME is a fan anthology focusing on the rivalry between Joker and Crow of Persona 5 featuring illustrations, comics, and fanfiction.


SHOWTIME tells the narrative of Joker and Akechi's rivalry, platonically or romantically!This zine features full illustrations, multipage comics, and fanfiction with collaborations between writers and artists. Alongside our physical book, our full bundle includes prints and postcards, sticker sheets, acrylic charms, and a special sliding acrylic standee.This is not a spoiler-free zine.


  • 7 x 10 in.

  • Physical and Digital copies with additional merch

  • Full Colour

  • Perfect Bound

  • 120+ pages

  • 28 illustrators, 5 merch artists, and 6 writers

  • SFW with some mature themes

This is a for-profit fan anthology.If we do not make enough money to share among the artists, we will donate the amount to charity instead.Profit will be distributed through PayPal.Participants will receive full bundles and more upon request.Zine costs will be kept as transparent as possible for all contributors.

All official communication within the project is done through the SHOWTIME Discord.

Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.


Originally founded by @vividropp. Please contact them at [email protected]

Hi, I'm Angela! I like the Enemies to Lovers trope a normal amount.
Currently a mod for I am the MASTERMIND! Fanzine. Previously the head mod of Drop! Dead! Despair! and the Gorillaz Fanthology.

hey hey hey im soren and im the second half of @wildcardzines! ive hosted and managed P5 Jeu De Cartes, Chewing Souls: A Persona Cookbook, Moons of Seiros, Fire Emblem: 4 Suits, and Promare Tarot. im currently a college student majoring in computer science.

Heyo!! I'm Rin, the other more handsome half of @WildCardZines. Together with Soren, I've hosted and completed P5 Jeu De Cartes, Moons of Serios, Fire Emblem 4 Suits, and Promare Tarot. I've also hosted Persona Dancing Til Dawn and the Persona Boys/Girls zines. Currently in production is our latest project, Chewing Souls: A Persona Cookbook. I'm an animator by day, Gacha Addict™️ by night.

HEY!!! I’m ARYLL and I’m helping out as a graphic designer and merchandise artist since I guess I have to use this college degree for something! I’ve independently hosted several zines in the past, such as Shapeshifter: A Costume Swap Persona 5 Fanzine, as well as the Act 6 Homestuck Tarot Project. I was also the host of Aspect, also known as the official Homestuck zine. In addition, I’ve helped with some other projects, such as the Growth Danganronpa Fanzine, and the I am the Mastermind! Danganronpa Fanzine. I’ve been involved as a participating artist in numerous others. Talk to me about fonts

Hey hi I'm Nat and I recently came in to take over shipping! I've shipped for recent Persona projects such as ANTITHESIS and Gorb Zine, and my postal ladies ask what I've got this time every time I come in. My secret to packing so fast is putting an audio book on 2x speed and blacking out.


Dec 16Contributors announced
2021, Jan - AprCreative period
July 7 - Aug 1Zine art & formatting finalized
Sept 23All merch arrives
Dec 17Physical zines arrive
2022, Feb 7BUNDLE 5 SENT OUT
March 9Transition to new shipping mod begins
May 2SHIPPING BEGINS for Bundles 2-4
Oct 28 - Nov 13Leftover sales
2023, Jan 31Last call for order assistance


Why is the zine invite only?

In short, it is simply the preference of the mods. We expected this zine to gather a lot of attention (and it has!) and sifting through 300 applications when the invited artists would have applied regardless felt redundant.

How were contributors chosen?

The lineup itself was roughly decided upon before the interest check became live. However, the purpose of the recommendations question in the interest check was to see if we missed hidden gems. We adjusted the invitation list after going through the suggestions.We picked contributors we admired or have worked with in the past, alongside ones we felt were active in the Akeshuake side of the fandom. We won't deny that a lot of the artists in our roster are popular, but the purpose of our zine wasn't to exclusively highlight artists with a small following (though we did not rule anyone out based on following either). Simply put, we want to make a fun and collaborative Akeshuake zine.

Where is the zine shipping from?

Originally, all zines were meant to ship from Canada. The new shipping moderator is now based in America.

I need an address change!

Please email [email protected] with the following information:
- Your order number
- Your new mailing address
You will be emailed with a shipping notification 48 hours before your zine is sent out. Please let us know as soon as possible if your address is incorrect.

I want a refund!

If you would like to seek a refund or have questions about the misuse of SHOWTIME’s funds, please contact Teresa “Ree” Dube directly at [email protected] (PayPal [email protected]). Any refund requests we receive will be redirected to Ree via email.

I haven't been receiving emails!

Please sign up for our mailing list. There is a possibility that Etsy did not provide to us your email address for mailing. Otherwise, do check your spam and clutter folders before contacting us.

What is with the delays?

We had a multitude of delays with our zine manufacturer, Mixam. On top of their slow communication and their constant demands for changes to the PDF, the company's turnaround time also fell behind schedule— we did not receive our physical books until December 17, 2021.On March 9, 2022, Mod Ree handed off their role as the shipping mod to newly recruited Mod Nat. Nat has been receiving all stock from Ree, grading them, recording address changes, and shipping bundles out as fast as possible.The current mod team intends on releasing a group statement when things are settled. In the meantime, our priority is making sure buyers receive their products. We apologize for the trouble and thank you for your patience during this transitional time.6/23/22 UPDATE:
An important announcement regarding the status of SHOWTIME has been released. We highly encourage you to read it.

Where is all of the money?

Mod Ree is no longer the finance mod of SHOWTIME.
We have a financial spreadsheet listing every expense that you can view here.
NOTE: This document is frozen as of the latest announcement; we will provide a new financial spreadsheet as soon as possible.
Mod Soren is currently overseeing the finances and BigCartel shop.

Where is the best place to keep up?

We encourage you to follow our Twitter for closer status updates. Important announcements are emailed out.


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